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I Batis Case Study

The following is the english version of a presentation showed at our 30Ottobre2004 meeting, by .

The talk was about a real world case study, where the entire data access layer of a web application was converted from the original JDBC version to an iBATIS-based solution.

As far we know, this was the first public IBATIS case study ever presented.

Click on the link below to download the PDF.

On June 23, 2005 FabrizioGianneschi hold a second, longer talk about iBATIS at the Italian Edition of the JavaConference2005, where he presented the framework in a more detailed way, along with a second case study.

More information can be found at http://it.sun.com/eventi/jc05/programma.html#parallela6_23

The PDF of the presentation is available here:

IBatisCaseStudy is mentioned on: JavaConference2005 | News

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